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Readers Respond: Top Leadership Skill or Trait

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From the article: What Is A Leader
There are many important skills any leader needs to have and many traits that good leaders display. I've listed what I consider the most important leadership skills and traits in my article What Is A Leader. Which skill or trait do you think is most important? Is it one I listed or one I missed? What is the one leadership skill or trait that separates a great leader from all the rest? Tell your peers your choice and why it's important.


I like what guest fall has written. I now undestand what a leader is.
—Guest kiddy

operation lead management.

I have been working as a Lead Operation Management for 6 years, I enjoy my job, and enjoy guiding employees to get their goals in their dayly basis. Guiding or management employees is a good experience because mny employees have diferent characters and culture, Speciallly in The United States of America because there many diffrent culture.
—Guest lilo Monterroso

A leader

A leader is one who makes his subbordinates feel comfortable to talk openly. He must lead from the front, Identify key issues and address them. His vision should be to show the path to people he is responsible for. He should be able to make his people feel respected. He should never show partiality in working environment. A very important trait which he must inculcate among his men is to always accept their mistake without fear.
—Guest Guest Girish


A leader is one who knows the way, who shows the way and who goes the way while influencing others to accompany and assist him to fulfill group goals while fulfilling their potentials.
—Guest DanielMomma

A masterful individual..

A leader is someone that inspires people to WANT to follow/emulate them by embodying the virtues, mastery, skill, and well founded confidence that others seek and admire.
—Guest Theresa C.

Military basics for leadership

In my recent book "Leadership, from the Middle to the Top) I outline some of the often missed obvious moves for leaders across the chess board. The reality is that military leadership traits and standards apply across the boards; not just applying superior firepower to a problem set. It's a quick read, look it up at: Friesenpress.com


A leader is somebody who has a profound knowledge of his/her subject and can communicate it with conviction and enthusiasm to his subordinates. He/she must know how to motivate his troops to make them attain the goals of their organisation. He or she must have the qualities of a proficient mentor and educator as well as being a patient listener.
—Guest Jag

A Great Leader

Knows what needs to be done, who has the skills to achieve it, or can find the individual who can, and can convince resisting stakeholders that they too have a benefit in the outcome of the endeavor.
—Guest Craig


A leader is someone who has followers that trust him or her.
—Guest Fall

RN,RPN officer

A leader must be honest at all time that is he should not lie.He should always carry his member along.A leader should not be autocratic.He should have a listen ears.
—Guest Osayi Azamu


The most important trait of a leader would have to be the ability to influence others at all levels of an organization towards a common goal.
—Guest Steve

Serve This

It's funny. I still don't see my response posted here. But then again, who wants to see all sides of a discussion so that they may make a clear and objective decision? It's ok. I'll take nothing further away from your precious, one-sided web site. Keep peddling your lies. I don't have to live with it. You do. Postscript. Does a leader have to have corporate sponsorship to be a leader in the 21st century?
—Guest I.M. Anyone

A good leader...

... LOVES his/her job. He/She spends time in a committed, purposeful, and reflective manner.
—Guest miu-oo

A good leader

is one who is not fearful of doing the right things and is able to implement consequences to correct a wrong.
—Guest miu-oo

leadership skills ,Traits&knowledge

leaders are not born but made.leader understand his caliber and job very well.he must possess pesuasive powers to make people understand that what they are doing is going to help organization and them ultimately.they also belive in team spirit and the importance of building a team to work towards attaining the goals set by him.he/she must ensure that all his team members work in tandem and unitedily to pursue the targets.they all are in high level of synergy among them.any drift among them could foil the game plan.another important aspect of leaders traits are communication and high degree of character.he/she must communicate all relevent things to the team members in time.this will help them to act accordingly and in time to accomplish the tasks effectively.a leader also have adequate knowlegde of the area he/she is in.he knows all the probable things to happen i.e., to face any exegencies and eventuality.this way he/she enjoy their trust.
—Guest vishnuchopra

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