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The Art and Science of Management

What do managers do? Why do we do it? How can you be part of it? Here's what you need to know.

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Leaders Aren't Infallible

Thursday January 16, 2014
And they don't have to be infallible. It's okay, even expected, for leaders to make mistakes on occasion. But there are certain things leaders have to have. The have to have a vision and they have to have confidence.

Three events today. Unrelated except that all three involved leaders. Two good. One bad. It was so obvious that the key was confidence.

First, as a leader, you have to have a vision. It doesn't matter whether others can see it or not. But most importantly, you have to have confidence and you have to show that confidence. It is critical that your followers - and your opponents - see that confidence. If you are confident of reaching your vision your followers will follow you there, even if they can't see the vision yet. And your opponents will hesitate, at least slightly, and that will give you the advantage you need.

So if you're a leader, or want to be one, stand up tall, lift your chin, quiet your nerves, and be confident. Be a leader.

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Older Workers Take Jobs From Younger

Friday January 10, 2014
With the economy still struggling, we all know it is true that older workers take jobs from younger workers. The problem is, according to the Associated Press, that there are no facts to back it up. In fact the opposite is true.

There are not a fixed number of jobs, so one worker or one group of workers staying employed does not limit the opportunities for others. We all thought women entering the workforce would diminish the number of jobs for men. What we saw, of course, was that more jobs were created because of the increased labor available. The same is true for older workers remaining in the workforce longer.

"There's a lot of things economists say that people don't get and this is just one of them", says Jonathan Gruber, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read the article to understand it better.

And since older workers are staying in the workforce longer, many are taking jobs below their career peak. Younger managers who find themselves in this situation will need to know How To Manage Older Workers.

Keep Your Workers Working During Flu Season

Thursday January 9, 2014
The H1N1 virus, called the swine flu, is back. This time it is hitting young adults and the middle-aged harder than the normal seasonal flu. In part, this is because the very young and older people are more likely to get the flu vaccine. Since the H1N1 appeared first in 2009 many of those who were vaccinated have immunity to this year's variant. Since the flu is hitting the working age population hardest, it will have a more pronounced effect on businesses this year. Here's what you need to know and do to protect your employees and your business from the effects of the H1N1 - Business Planning For A Swine Flu Epidemic.

Some Managers Held Hostage

Tuesday January 7, 2014
NBC News reports two top managers for Goodyear tire company in France were held hostage by workers in a plant that is to be closed. Although they were released unharmed after 30 hours, it points up the potential danger of having to deliver bad news and enforce policies that effect people's jobs, as managers do every day.

Change can be difficult and it can be messy, but it can be managed. The trick is to remember that managing change means managing people's fear.

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