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Tips for New Managers


Are you about to be promoted or recently promoted? Follow these tips to get started off on the right foot.

Management & Leadership Spotlight10

20 Characteristics of Successful Senior Executives

Read about the common characteristics that separate successful executives from the rest.

How to “Coach an Employee Out of a Job"

There is an alternative to firing a poorly performing employee - a manager can give the employee the option of making their own decision to resign.

Top 2 Myths Leaders Have About Igniting Employee Passion

As a leader, you first need to understand your employee. You need to understand their strengths and challenges, skills, knowledge, and values before you can ever hope to influence their passion.

10 Models for Leading Change

10 models for leading individual and organizational change.

40 Ways to Improve 360 Degree Assessment Discussions

How to maximize the value of a 360 degree assessment.

How to Manage Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict in inevitable, and it's a manager's job to deal with it. Read more to learn how.

The 10 Essential Roles of a Manager

What exactly does a manager do? What should a manager do? This article describes the 11 essential roles of a manager.

21 Free Leadership and Management Video Sites

The top 21 free leadership and management video websites for managers and leaders.

Talent Obsession Weekly

Executive coach Beth Armknecht Miller describes how to build continuous learning into weekly meetings.

14 Characteristics of Amazing Mentors

Learn the 14 characteristics of being an effective mentor and having a good relationship with your mentee.

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