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Readers Respond: Tell Us Your Worst Experience

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Golden Chick has bad chicken...

I walked into Golden Chick to order some fried chicken and as soon as I walked in, I was hit with a strong grease smell... not surprising. Then I see a lady in kitchen take some chicken out of the trash can, put it in a box, then hand it out the window to a drive-through customer... ewww! I walked out and will never go back there! Gross Chicken !
—Guest kkb

Arbys Living Dead waiting on Customers

The Arbys store on Sunset & Bronson in Hollywood, CA. has the worst service I have ever had in my life. There were at least 7 people working behind counter. One person working the counter, on person actually making the food, 3 people with head phones taking drive-up orders stumbling around, 2 people in the back laughing and talking. 5 customers waited almost 10 minutes while the counter girl waited on 1 man with coupons and special orders. 4 people including myself walked out after 10 minutes. The employees seemed oblivious, disorganized, in a coma, did not understand english and did not care there was a long line of hungry people. And did not have the first clue about service or working with dispatch. I will never go there again. This happened on 7/22 @ 4PM.
—Guest Richard

Bad Service At Golden One

The last time I went to Golden One was when I had the worst service I can get from them, I asked the clerk my balance and she told me. I told her I would like to withdraw some funds out of my acct. So once she finished with my transaction she started to count the money in large bills. I asked her if I can get some twenties and she rolled her eyes and got twenties and just gave me the money. I asked her if she can recount the money back to me and she said no count it out yourself. Wow !! What great service, I will never bank there again!!!!

5mth old couch leather ripping

We bought our second leather couch from Art Van in and 5 mths we noticed rips in the leather along the seams like the leather is over stretched. We contacted Art Van and they sent out a tech who said it is not a manufacture defect. It is "how we are using the couch". Well, the only thing I do on this couch is sit on it in the evening. The rips are in odd places like the back corner. They are trying to blame it on how we are using it. Funny, our first leather couch from Art Van is perfectly fine after a couple of years and I guess we are sitting the proper way on our old one. It's insulting the way we were treated after we have been loyal customers and have spent our hard earn money there. A couch that is not even 6months old that cost $1, 700 should not rip when sat on. They offered to come out again to see if they could repair it but we would be responsible for that cost. The tech already told us it would just rip again if they tried to pull the leather even tighter to repair it. Really? It is absolutely disgusting the kind of customer service we recieived. To put the icing on the cake, we bought the leather warranty! That's a joke. A satisfied customers tell few people but an unsatified customer tells many. So take our experiecne into consideration when spending your hard earned money.
—Guest trish

Lego In Pieces

I needed some replacement Lego parts for an old kit I found in storage. I fond their website and placed an order for the parts ($2.55 for parts $6.50 for shipping! Anyway) 3 weeks latter the package arrives. Only they shipped the wrong parts. A call to their customer service line promised the faulted would be corrected and the new order would get to me in 3-4 weeks. 3-4 weeks later no shipment. Another call. Oh, very sorry, not only no ideam what happened but no record of the original order. Seems Lego is made in Poland and things get, well lost. Another 3-4 weeks go by. No parts and after yet another call lots of 'sorry about that sir' and, yup, no record of the lastest shipment going out. It is now April. This started in January. No parts, lots of excuses. I could have flown to Poland in less time.
—Guest William

Lost Salesman

Art Van in Chesterfield, TWP MI. Went to store to purchase furniture. Salesman approach, but looks as if he is just as lost as I am. I explain to him what I saw advertised on TV. He proceeds to show me their clearance section in the back. I'm telling him about the ad that states furniture with '50 inch tv. He is showing me a scratch and dent with a '32 inch tv. I get fed up and ask for a manager. The manager shows me what was on the show room floor as advertised. TV IS INCLUDED IN PRICE...NOT FREE!. I purchase the furnitue but I go to ABC warehouse to get the tv for a cheaper price. Art Van Put your TRAINED salesmen on the floor, you could have had me at hello!

Burlington Coat factory in Roseville MI

Rude cashier at Burlington Coat Factory. After shopping the store for an hour, I get in a line that appears that a cashier is busy but waiting for customer. She let me stand there for a at least 3 minutes before I had to ask her if she working. Whatever she was doing, without looking up, she says that her cash register is not open.

Wanted to be left in the Cold

4 years and 10 months on a 5 year refrigerator warranty on a Sears Kenmore the compressor died. tech came out said compressor died and would order. 6 days later it shows up, repair scheduled. tech comes out end of day works two hrs and says need another compressor this one bad. i called a local supply store, they had the item. After being overly insistent, Sears picked the compressor up locally and installed 2 days later. I was without a fridge for 14 days, simply because they want the profit on the parts they can bill under warranty rather than customer service. Their service is through a contractor who does national work for Whirlpool also. The contractor doesnt' care. Don't buy Kenmore, you are locked into them for warranty. Buy anything but Kenmore and then you can call your local repair person and get service. Never call the 800 repair line. Their service and attitude is lousy
—Guest Jon Clarke

NetZero not releasing my DSL line

I cancelled my NetZero account on Jan 18th. It's now Feb 8th and my DSL line is still not clear. I was never told about a so called 10 business day waiting period. I waited patiently once I found this out. I've called numerous times and each time have been promised that this will be taked care of within 24 hours. Oh and each time they stated they were expediting my problem. Liars. What a bunch of lazy and incompetent people. Laziness pure and simple. Nobody wanting to push a button to release my DSL line. And don't tell my you understand and am sorry again. Just do your job!
—Guest Sue has netted a big Zero!

Bad High and Tight

Went to a Super Cuts for a routine high and tight haircut. Sat down, and when asked what haircut, told the lady a high and tight. She asked what type and how high. I attempted to describe then she replied 'thats not a high and tight'. I retorted with 'Ive been in the Army for over 21 years and I think Im aware of what a high and tight is. She argued with me for 3 more minutes (I would have left but she had already started cutting) WHen finished, she asked if that was what I wanted, I said no, its not a high and tight. (she cut it up on the sides about an inch and then buzzed it to blend with the top like some kind of college boy). I left and will never go back.
—Guest Sergeant

worst shopping experience

Had $10.00 bill out to pay. Clerk did not have tag on item so sent back and took another customer ahead of me and had me stand aside to wait. After 10 min. item found and had to wait for other customer as she'd rung them up and they also had to wait for an item. Went to pay and my $10.00 was missing. Sales clerk sait "Too Bad." Now, that's the worst! She should NOT have put the other customer ahead of me, then I ended up waiting for them, meanwhile lost the $10.00 bill. Bad sevice and very unhappy with store.
—Guest Patricia Oden

Government agency - SPER Australia

In 2006 I received a parking fine that I paid in full, but a little late. This month in 2010, I received a notice that I had a payment plan of $80 per month and that the first installment of $65 was due 13th of November, but pay now! I tried to phone to enquire about the notice and there was a recorded message saying "Sorry we are busy, call again later". After several determined attempts to get through it seems that because I paid the fine late, they added another late fee to it of $10 and a handling fee of $55 from SPER! But only now getting around to notifying me about it!!!!
—Guest Heather Innes

kfc zephyrhills fl

on the sign it said 8pc family meal 1399. i ordered it and they told me it was 21.18.I said it says 1399 on the sign. They said I needed a coupon. no where did it say with coupon I should have canceled but I didn't but I won't be going back there for a long time. I was not a satified customer.
—Guest patricia young


The worst customer service I ever received is www.booking.com, they take your money right away, but when it come to get hold of someone on the phone, it take about 2 hours to talk to some one. first of all,they are over charging for rooms that are not worth it no more than $30-$35. I bought 4/3 days at Orlando Hotel, and they call their self Resort, but their rooms look like worst the motel room, and I don't think they should charge people $89, for those kind of room. And I believe that if the customer s not happy with the room or the service, they should be entitle to their refund, by giving them money back with out an penalty, or place them on the better place, because with the same price I paid to them, I paid to Doublethree hotel, which was 100 times better than the hotel I got it from the www.booking.com
—Guest Zybejta Marashi

worst customer service

I have experienced a lot of bad customer service but the worst ever has been from Bankers Life & Casualty Company. I will never buy insurance from them!!!!! The next worse thing is I have to call them every month to be sure they received my Mom's claim so they will pay her month claim (long term care insurance is a joke!!!).. 3 out of 11 months they "didn't receive it"!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
—Guest register

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