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Readers Respond: Tell Us Your Worst Experience

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Bad High and Tight

Went to a Super Cuts for a routine high and tight haircut. Sat down, and when asked what haircut, told the lady a high and tight. She asked what type and how high. I attempted to describe then she replied 'thats not a high and tight'. I retorted with 'Ive been in the Army for over 21 years and I think Im aware of what a high and tight is. She argued with me for 3 more minutes (I would have left but she had already started cutting) WHen finished, she asked if that was what I wanted, I said no, its not a high and tight. (she cut it up on the sides about an inch and then buzzed it to blend with the top like some kind of college boy). I left and will never go back.
—Guest Sergeant

worst shopping experience

Had $10.00 bill out to pay. Clerk did not have tag on item so sent back and took another customer ahead of me and had me stand aside to wait. After 10 min. item found and had to wait for other customer as she'd rung them up and they also had to wait for an item. Went to pay and my $10.00 was missing. Sales clerk sait "Too Bad." Now, that's the worst! She should NOT have put the other customer ahead of me, then I ended up waiting for them, meanwhile lost the $10.00 bill. Bad sevice and very unhappy with store.
—Guest Patricia Oden

Government agency - SPER Australia

In 2006 I received a parking fine that I paid in full, but a little late. This month in 2010, I received a notice that I had a payment plan of $80 per month and that the first installment of $65 was due 13th of November, but pay now! I tried to phone to enquire about the notice and there was a recorded message saying "Sorry we are busy, call again later". After several determined attempts to get through it seems that because I paid the fine late, they added another late fee to it of $10 and a handling fee of $55 from SPER! But only now getting around to notifying me about it!!!!
—Guest Heather Innes

kfc zephyrhills fl

on the sign it said 8pc family meal 1399. i ordered it and they told me it was 21.18.I said it says 1399 on the sign. They said I needed a coupon. no where did it say with coupon I should have canceled but I didn't but I won't be going back there for a long time. I was not a satified customer.
—Guest patricia young


The worst customer service I ever received is www.booking.com, they take your money right away, but when it come to get hold of someone on the phone, it take about 2 hours to talk to some one. first of all,they are over charging for rooms that are not worth it no more than $30-$35. I bought 4/3 days at Orlando Hotel, and they call their self Resort, but their rooms look like worst the motel room, and I don't think they should charge people $89, for those kind of room. And I believe that if the customer s not happy with the room or the service, they should be entitle to their refund, by giving them money back with out an penalty, or place them on the better place, because with the same price I paid to them, I paid to Doublethree hotel, which was 100 times better than the hotel I got it from the www.booking.com
—Guest Zybejta Marashi

worst customer service

I have experienced a lot of bad customer service but the worst ever has been from Bankers Life & Casualty Company. I will never buy insurance from them!!!!! The next worse thing is I have to call them every month to be sure they received my Mom's claim so they will pay her month claim (long term care insurance is a joke!!!).. 3 out of 11 months they "didn't receive it"!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
—Guest register

Customer Shut Out!!

I walked in to Sams Club in San Antonio on 410 and was there to fill my prescription. Did not realize they close at all for lunch. I walked to the pharmacy and they were closing the blind down. i still had time on my watch , adn asked if they could please take my prescription.. They said no -at the same time i am at this point trying to make eye contact as they continue rolling blind down. They said NO we only get 30 minutes for lunch and will reopen back up in 30 minutes, and shut me completely out???? I was in shock!!I could NOT believe my eyes.
—Guest Debbie

dish network

as a technician i see a lot of different csr interactions with customers, but i had one that stood out as really super bad the other day. THe story starts with a lady who was having problems with ordering movies through her phone line with dish network. She called in and said that she is not able to order the 6 dollars movies through her phone line. the csr did the normal trouble shooting and sent out a new replacement box and charged her 95 dollars to have a tech replace the box. I arrived and noticed the wireless phone jacks that DISH SUPPLIES were not working and not sure why they were even used as a hard wired jack was within 5 ft of the reciever? I told her i would try to get the 95 bucks back. SHe has been a customer for 9 years. She called in and said why am i charged 95 bucks for you to send out a tech to replace a box that was not bad, but instead to replace your wireless jacks that should not of even been used in the first place. Dish told her too bad and good luck!
—Guest robert

Patiently Wait-ing

About 10 years ago a very popular restaurant chain moved into town and my friends and I became regulars. Service started to diminish after about a year. Twice we waited a good 20-30 minutes at a table for wait staff to recognize that we were even there or come take our orders! We fumed silently and haven't been back. Business owners, that's the worst kind of angry customer...the ones that never tell you about the problem, leave and simply don't ever return. Fear them. I have turned over a new leaf and now alert management when there is a problem like that. Those two nights were horrible and since we didn't say anything, I realize it's my own fault for saying nothing. Patrons, don't fume silently, but don't blow up in an angry hissy either. Just calmly state the trouble and expect it to be taken care of. If they don't fix the trouble, calmly let them know they've lost your business.

over seeing the customer

The other day i went to the yankee candle company in az at arrowhead mall.I have been shopping there for 5 years now and not once have had bad customer service till the last week.i know all the workers there they are all very helpfull except this lady i never seen in the store she didnt help me at all didnt even realize i was in the store. she was to busy yelling at this young lady who also works there.when she was done with that she stood behind the register reading papers. when i asked her a question she ignored me an i had to repeat myself.she was unpleasent an rude didnt want to help me at all, plus i didnt like how she embarrassed that girl. so i asked for her corporate office i called an made a complaint.i will not shop there when she is working.so if you do go to that store you have been warned. i found out she is the store manager her name is darlene.
—Guest guest 101

Holiday Inn

I stayed at an Express by Holiday Inn Hotel in Southampton UK ,I left my car at the Hotel for 5 weeks whilst I went on a cruise.Unfortunately after 3 weeks I had to come home to arrange a funeral. I asked the Hotel to refund me for the unused part of the 5 weeks of parking for which I'd paid up front. They refused arguing I'd got a good price. What a cheap bunch ,essentially using my misfortune as an opportunity. Never ever use them again & will tell as many as I can not to use the as well.
—Guest Joe

Not keeping promises

This happened more than 20 years ago and I still remember it. I owned a Ford Escort that had a problem with the front end so I took it to the dealership in San Antonio since it was under warranty. They kept the car for several weeks, telling me each time that someone had to come and take a look at it to see if it was covered or they were waiting for a part, etc...that it wold be done soon. It was my only car and I had been walking to work. Now I needed to travel more than 500 miles in a few days and I was desperate to get my car back. The shop manager was not helpful and just kept saying they were working on it. When I asked him if he could promise that it would be done by Thursday, he said..."Honey, I can't promise you that the sun will come up tomorrow." I've never bought another Ford.
—Guest Lee Hartmann

tourist bag

Last year i had buy a tourist bag brand of Reebok but unfortunate it was not branded due to lies informaton passed by salesman or proprietor of store.i had get warranty card but not cleared mention on it would be one time repair even they did not told. afetr 2 days buying of bag get stitching problem then i gave them to repair it but again got badly stitching problem within 10 days which is not able to stitch.they refuse to exchange in badly manner.ultimate i thrown this on front of seller and finish this arguments between us.
—Guest om

Not listening to your customer

I called a company about doing some work under my service contract. I also wanted to schedule a related service the following week after we moved. She told me she couldn't schedule the second one until after the first one was completed and that if she found out anyone else had scheduled it for me she'd see that they got fired.
—Guest BurnedTwice

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