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Women in Management

Women in management face many specific different challenges. These resources and articles are to help you with these challenges and to celebrate the successes of women who have overcome them.

Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men?
Why do women earn less then men? Is it rampant gender discrimination? Or is it the choices men and women make in their careers as Warren Farrell suggests?

Why Men Earn More
Warren Farrell's book Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap-and What Women Can Do About It demonstrates that women's choice for balance between work and life is a greater factor in the pay gap than discrimination. Here are specific things women can choose to do if they want to make equal or greater pay than their male...

A Crack In The Glass Ceiling
Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) named Carly Fiorina its new president and chief executive in July 1999. It is fitting that the first woman chosen to lead a Fortune 50 company was number 1 on Fortune Magazine's list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in American Business only eight months before.

Another First For Fiorina.
It should come as no surprise to anyone that Carly Fiorina has been named Chairman of Hewlett-Packard in addition to her duties as President and CEO. Having become the first woman to head a major US computer company, Fiorina has now become the first woman to hold all three top posts at a major computer company.

Chairman or Chairwoman?
Is this a step forward in removing gender from titles, or is it a "slight" to a woman who is clearly a leader in her field?

Advancing Women
This site provides career and business strategy, tools, and resources to support womens' career, business, and leadership goals.

Business Women in Canada
Resources for Canadian business women.

Award-winning programs to recruit, develop, and advance women. The Catalyst Awards Dinner is the signature event for Catalyst. It celebrates extraordinary programs that result in the recruitment, development, and advancement of women in the workplace. Maintains benchmark data on women's progress in executive and director roles.

The Glass Ceiling: Who Said That?
From the Glass Hammer blog, this is an excellent article about the woman generally credited with having originated the term "glass ceiling".

Glass Ceilings: The Status of Women as Officials and Managers
This US Government report, based on 2002 data, provides insights into the status of women as officials and managers in the private sector. The executive summary at the beginning is good to read.

The National Association for Female Executives
The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) has a rich history of providing education, networking, and public advocacy to empower its members to achieve career success and financial security.

The National Foundation for Women Business Owners
The NFWBO is a non-profit research, leadership development and entrepreneurial training foundation and a source of information and statistics on women business owners and their businesses.

Women’s Institute of Management
WIM's seeks to create a positive image of women and to promote the leadership of women in all sectors through ongoing training, brainstorming and dialogue.

Women in Management, Inc.
The mission of Women in Management, Inc., is to promote the professionalism of our members through education, development, encouragement and mentoring

WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.
As a nationally recognized resource for cultivating leadership excellence, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. identifies and develops success strategies for women in the workplace through cross-industry development programs and ongoing partnerships.

Advice to Women Managers
Advice from Kathy Keeton, President of General Media International, to women managers or women who want to be managers.

Why Should Women Earn Less Than Men?
Why do women earn less then men? Is it rampant gender discrimination? Or is it the choices men and women make in their careers as Warren Farrell suggests?

When is Coaching a Bad Idea?

How to Help Your Manager Get Promoted
You won't get that promotion if your boss can't be promoted - here's how to help your manager be more successful.

14 Characteristics of Amazing Mentors
Learn the 14 characteristics of being an effective mentor

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