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Organization, Strategy, and Planning

Much of a managers effort is directed toward the planning function. These resources help you improve your skill in strategic planning, business organization and reorganization, competitive intelligence, benchmarking, and the related activities.
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Can You Trust That Report?
Can You Trust That Report? When someone prepares a report for you how can you be sure it's accurate? How do you know whether to send it on or end it back. Can You Trust That Report? tells you what to look for.

Glossary definition of Organization

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Samples for Managers
Samples of individual development plans (IDPs) for managers

Why Every Manager Should Create their own Succession Plan
Why managers should care about their own succession and how to create a succession plan.

The Top 10 Performance Appraisal Blunders a Manager can Make
A cynical look at some of the common performance appraisal mistakes managers make.

10 Really Lame Reasons for Not Developing Your Employees
A compelling argument for why managers should invest in the development of their employees.

How to Align Your Team Around a Shared Vision: Part 1, Preparation
If you're taking over a new team, starting a project, or just need to take your team in another direction, here is a 10 step process on how to create a shared vision using a collaborative approach.

15 Ways to Rain on a Brainstorming Session
Here are 10 of the most common ways to ruin a brainstorming session.

10 Models for Leading Change
10 models for leading individual and organizational change.

Guidelines for Reorganizing your Department or Company
Reorganizations, if not carefully planned out, can result in unnecessary anxiety, cynicism, and chaos. These guidelines can help ensure that your objectives are achieved and help minimize the disruption.

A Six Step Consensus Decision Making Framework
The following framework will enable a leader to involve others in consensus decision making in a way that is energizing and efficient.

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