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Get Your Project Done On Time


There are three steps to getting your project done on time. The steps are simple to define and understand, but completing them takes work. The more complex the project is the more complex and difficult the steps will be. The more you use and practice these three steps the better you will be as a project manager who completes their projects on time.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies depending on project complexity

Here's How:

  1. Build the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The WBS is a list of the project tasks, organized in a manner that lets you understand and visualize the connections between the various tasks and sub-tasks that make up the project. The more complete you make your Work Breakdown Structure the less risk there will be that your project will not get done on time because you overlooked a task or a connection between tasks.

    More details on How To Build A Work Breakdown Structure

  2. Determine the dependencies. Project dependencies are the links, and the type of links, between all the tasks of a project. Not all tasks can be done at the same time. Project dpendencies let you establish which tasks must start or finish before another task can start or finish. These relationships fit into one of the four types of dependencies: Finish To Start, Finish To Finish, Start To Start, and Start To Finish. These dependencies also are grouped into three categories, logical, resource-based, or preference, based on the character of the dependency.

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  3. Manage the critical path. In any project, there is one path through all the inter-connected tasks that is the fastest. This is the critical path. By focusing on the tasks that make up the critical path the project manager maximizes the chances of completing the project on time. This is critical path project management (CPM).

    Specific steps for Critical Path Project Management (CPM)

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