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A manager's most important, and most difficult, job is to manage people. You must lead, motivate, inspire, and encourage them. Sometimes you will have to hire, fire, discipline or evaluate employees. These articles and links will help you find the best ways to handle these people management issues.
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  2. Giving Feedback (9)
  3. Manage Yourself (26)
  4. Managing In Wartime (4)
  5. Organizing People (11)
  6. Recruiting and Hiring (9)
  7. Team Building (7)

All Management Is People Management
All management is people management. To be a good manager you need to understand the people who work for you as individuals and motivate them to do their best work.

Project Management 101- People Management
One of the four main elements in successful project management is managing the people resources. Here's what you need to know to do it right.

Delegate, Don't Dump
Most managers don't know how to delegate. They hold on to tasks that others should be doing for them or they just dump those tasks onto subordinates. Both are wrong. Learn these secrets to delegating and it will make your job easier and make your employees happier.

How Managers Monitor and Control Worker Behavior
Monitor and Control describes how managers monitor and control worker behavior to keep everyone working toward the goal. Managers adjust team makeup, activities, and plans when monitoring shows it is needed.

Lunch with the CEO
Few CEOs do enough to maintain good relations with one important group of stakeholders, their employees. Lunch with the CEO is one way to correct that.

I Don't Want To Be A Manager
If a manager tells you they don't want to be a amanager, what would you do? You may never have to face this situation, but here's what you need to know if you do.

Larry Doesn't Work Here Anymore.
Why do some employees seem to 'retire in place'? What can you do about it? How can you help the employee and your company succeed? From Your About.com Guide to Management.

The Annual Performance Review - How to maximize the benefits
Three key things to remember if you want to get the maximum benefit out of this annual exercise in wasting a manager's time.

Are Your Top People Ready To Leave You?
How to tell whether your top people are ready to leave, and what you can do about it. From Your About.com Guide to Management.

Do your employees trust you?
  A recent survey suggests they probably do not. Does that matter? And how do you find out?

Napping at Work is OK?
  "Napping at work" is different than "sleeping on the job". That difference can help you.

What Good People Really Cost
The why and how of Employee Retention can save you more money than you think. From Your About.com Guide to Management.

What You Need To Know About Surviving Layoffs.
Surviving in an era of layoffs and RIFs means learning these coping and survival skills for managers, and for employees. From Your About.com Guide to Management.

Meeting Management
Meetings can be very productive. Or they can be a tremendous waste of time. These simple guidelines can help you make your meetings more effective.

How To Screen Online Resumes
Managers often need to screen hundreds of online resumes when they hire employees. How do you screen online resumes to find the best employees without wasting time?

How to Give Orders
Instead of giving orders, a smart manager gives instructions. Learn how to give instruction instead of giving orders to become a better manager.

Retail Management Tips -Tips To Manage Your Retail Business More Effectively
Top 20 Quick Retail Management Tips on Leadership, Business Management, Personal Development, Marketing, Quality, and More to Make You More Effective.

Time Sink
Definition of the business management term time sink

Why Should We Hate HR?
Why Should We Hate HR?

The American Society for Training and Development
ASTD is a leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues, providing information, research, and analysis.

FirstStep Employment Law Advisor
This new US Department of Labor web site is designed to help employers determine which laws apply to their business. It also provides links to compliance information.

Society for Human Resource Management
This organization is a professional association for those involved in human resource management. The site offers a number of online publications in the HR field, a membership directory, information on their certification programs and a number of sites on workplace trends.

30 Tips for New Managers: Part 1
Tips for new managers, management mistakes to avoid

Tips for New Managers: Part 2
Tips for new managers, management mistakes to avoid

Individual Development Plan (IDP) Samples for Managers
Samples of individual development plans (IDPs) for managers

A Proactive Approach to Tough Feedback
Feedback sessions are tough when an employee is caught off guard. Taking a proactive approach to tough feedback eliminates the shock and surprise.

10 Ways to Ignite Employee Performance
10 ways to improve employee performance.

Why Every Manager Should Create their own Succession Plan
Why managers should care about their own succession and how to create a succession plan.

The Top 10 Performance Appraisal Blunders a Manager can Make
A cynical look at some of the common performance appraisal mistakes managers make.

How to Build a Winning Team
How to create a high performing, winning team.

12 Ways for Leaders to Build a Solid Foundation of Trust with their Employees
Leadership requires a solid foundation of trust - this article by management and leadership expert Dan McCarthy gives leaders a 12 step plan to build trust with their employees.

10 Things Your Employees May Not be Telling You

70 Awesome Coaching Questions Using the GROW Model
Coaching is the art of asking questions to help someone achieve a goal or goals. This article provides managers with 70 awesome coaching questions to use within the GROW coaching model.

10 Really Lame Reasons for Not Developing Your Employees
A compelling argument for why managers should invest in the development of their employees.

How to Align Your Team Around a Shared Vision: Part 1, Preparation
If you're taking over a new team, starting a project, or just need to take your team in another direction, here is a 10 step process on how to create a shared vision using a collaborative approach.

10 Leadership Lessons from Horrible Bosses
How to learn valuable leadership from your worst bosses

When is Coaching a Bad Idea?

15 Ways to Rain on a Brainstorming Session
Here are 10 of the most common ways to ruin a brainstorming session.

8 Ways to Develop Better Common Sense
Can you improve your "common sense", or help someone else improve their common sense? This article shows you how.

How to Help Your Manager Get Promoted
You won't get that promotion if your boss can't be promoted - here's how to help your manager be more successful.

10 Ways to Motivate Your Employees
Here are 10 ways for managers to create a workplace environment where employees will feel motivated to do their best.

The Secret to Becoming a Better Leader
Instead of trying to improve too many things at once, leaders would be better off just focusing on one thing at a time. This article explains why and how.

14 Characteristics of Amazing Mentors
Learn the 14 characteristics of being an effective mentor

Talent Obsession Weekly
Executive coach Beth Armknecht Miller describes how to build continuous learning into weekly meetings.

The 10 Essential Roles of a Manager
What exactly does a manager do? What should a manager do? his article describes the 11 essential roles of a manager.

21 Free Leadership & Management Video Sites
A recommended list of 21 free leadership and management development websites. No rotten tomatoes here!

How to Manage Workplace Conflict
Workplace conflict in inevitable, and it's a manager's job to deal with it. Read more to learn how.

40 Ways to Improve 360 Degree Assessment Discussions
How to maximize the value of a 360 degree assessment.

10 Models for Leading Change
10 models for leading individual and organizational change.

Top 2 Myths Leaders Have About Igniting Employee Passion
As a leader, you first need to understand your employee. You need to understand their strengths and challenges, skills, knowledge, and values before you can ever hope to influence their passion.

How to Persuade an Employee to Resign
There is an alternative to firing a poorly performing employee - a manager can give the employee the option of making their own decision to resign.

20 Characteristics of Successful Senior Executives
Read about the common characteristics that separate successful executives from the rest.

Guidelines for Reorganizing your Department or Company
Reorganizations, if not carefully planned out, can result in unnecessary anxiety, cynicism, and chaos. These guidelines can help ensure that your objectives are achieved and help minimize the disruption.

A Six Step Consensus Decision Making Framework
The following framework will enable a leader to involve others in consensus decision making in a way that is energizing and efficient.

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