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Once you master the basics of management, you can focus on advancing your career as a manager to higher levels or larger organizations.
  1. Getting Promoted
  2. Management Skills Pyramid
  3. Management Theory

Getting Promoted

After a few years, you have become comfortable with the basics of management and are starting to thinking about improving your skills. This section helps you understand how you can improve your skills and advance your career.

Management Skills Pyramid

The management skills pyramid shows the many skills a manager must master to be successful. The Management Skills Pyramid shows the increasingly difficult management skills you must master at each level and how these management skills build on each other to help you achieve success in your management career.

Management Theory

Many writers have advanced theories to describe management styles, manager behaviors, and suggested mnagement practices. From MBO to Theory X each has its value. Understand them, but use them with only when they are beneficial for you.

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