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The Basics of Management


Whether you have just started your first management job or still vying for a leadership position, learn how to get through those first confusing, challenging days and months as the team leader. Here is the basic knowledge needed to be a manager, as well as advice on how to deal with the problems that may crop up.
  1. Becoming A Manager
  2. Management 101
  3. What Managers Need To Do
  4. What Managers Need To Know
  5. Tips, Glossary, FAQ

Becoming A Manager

Whether you are just wondering whether a management career is for you or have made a decision to try it, this section helps you understand what managers do, and how to get the knowledge and skill needed to land that first management job.

Management 101

Here is a basic look at management, a primer. Management is both art and science. It is the art of making people more effective than they would have been without you. The science is in how you do that. There are four basic pillars: plan, organize, direct, and monitor.

What Managers Need To Do

There are many things you must do as a manager. This section will guide you through what those things are and how to do them.

What Managers Need To Know

As a manager you will be expected to know many things. Keeping current and developing your skills will be an ongoing task. This section highlights some of the basic things you need to know.

Tips, Glossary, FAQ

This section contains Management Tips, a Glossary of Business Management terms, and other quick tools to help you as a manager.

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