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Get To Work On Time...Or Else
Get To Work On Time...Or Else

Late For Work Excuses
Some people are always late for work. Their excuses are no better than those who are seldom late for work. Here are the best excuses for being late for work and you can add yours.

Amusing Excuses For Being Late For Work
Employees come up with many interesting, amusing excuses for being late for work. Here managers list the best, most amsing, most intersting excuses they have heard.

Buzzword Bingo
This business "game" has surfaced again. Check it out. It may be a way to keep your employees entertained.

My Wish List for Santa Claus
One business leader's list for Santa. What I want him to bring for my company, my employees, my family, and me.

Dave Barry Lives
This Miami Herald site has all the Dave Barry columns since 1998. Close your door first so no one hears you laughing out loud.

The Dilbert Zone
The current doings of our favorite cubicle dweller and his cast of crazies.

Economy Jokes
Sometimes the economy is no laughing matter, but Daniel Kurtzman shows us the humor in it with this summary of jokes about the U.S. Economy and Economic Policy.

MTN Cartoons
Marc Nobleman's cartoons offer a fresh look at the business world and beyond. His use of nearly plausible situations to poke fun at our day-to-day life is uncanny.

ABC for MBAs
Real-life lessons for MBA students. Management Humor, Business Humor, MBA Humor.

Funny Business
Mostly lists and wacky definitions, but good for a chuckle.

Top 10 “Out of Office” Auto Replies
From the Todd And marketing firm comes this list of humorous "out of office" auto reply messages.

Profession Jokes - Managers
David Shay has a page of jokes for professions ranging from Applicants to Zookeepers. Here are his jokes for Managers.

Small Business Humor
A collection of humorous stories and funny business quotes that can be used for presentations

Clean Business Jokes
This site offers a daily, clean joke about business. They have jokes about corporations, business decisions and processes and more.

Work Daze
This is a weekly business humor column written by Bob Goldman. You will find the current as well as previous columns of the week, an archive of classic columns and other humor resources.

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