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How To Set a Dress Code


If anyone in your organization deals with the public, you should have a dress code for all employees. A dress code is a simple document that tells people in various functions what is appropriate work attire, and why.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 45 min

Here's How:

  1. Decide what you want the dress code to say about your business.
  2. Talk to your customers. Ask how they would like to see your employees dress.
  3. Talk to your employees. Ask them what they consider appropriate.
  4. Be flexible. Recognize that what is appropriate dress for the loading dock may not be appropriate for an outside sales person.
  5. Be realistic. You won't get stock clerks into wearing suits and ties.
  6. Publish a draft to your employees. The draft should say what the business purpose of the dress code is as well as lay out the rules.
  7. Ask for employee feedback and listen to it.
  8. Revise the dress code based on their feedback and then publish it.
  9. Try it and see how it works. Adjust as necessary.


  1. Err on the stricter side first. It's easier to relax a dress code than to tighten it.

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