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Halloween At The Office - Good Costume Choices


Good choices for costumes at the office Halloween party include those that demonstrate your creativity, those that display a business-appropriate sense of humor, or those that show your talents in a favorable light. These could include:

  • An intricate costume you made yourself that shows off your skill as an artist or your ability to sew
  • A costume that demonstrates your ability to select common items and blend them into a costume, like large rubber balls hooked together to make you look like a bunch of grapes
  • A Donald Trump mask, shabby suit, and a sign that says "you're fired" but "you're" has been scratched out and replaced with "I've been"
  • Or something as simple as the programmer who replaced his standard Dockers(r) and t-shirt with a nicely tailored, expensive business suit and a full face mask so no one knew who he was.

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