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The Gift Guide for Bosses


Good, great, or just so-so, no matter what kind of boss you have you can find something appropriate here.

OK, so the holiday season hasn't started yet. Why should you be thinking about gifts this early? Well, for one thing, if you make your selections now, you still have time to order online and have them delivered in time - without have to pay rush charges.

Not all of us are so fortunate as to be working for the best boss in the world. So to help you make your gift selections I have listed separate selections depending on how good your boss is.

Gifts for Great Bosses
Every once in awhile you find yourself working for a truly great boss. Here is a selection of gifts to show that boss how much you appreciate him or her.
Gifts for Great Bosses

Gifts for Good Bosses
Sometimes you just need a gift for your boss. Here is a selection of gifts for good bosses, those whose skill and effort you want to acknowledge, but who don't quite fit in the great boss category.
Gifts for Good Bosses

Gifts for So-So Bosses
Even when your boss is only so-so, an average manager at best, there may be times when you need to give a gift. Here is a selection of gifts that may help your boss improve.
Gifts for So-So Bosses


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