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How To Tell If You Are Management Material


Recently, I was asked how someone knows whether or not they are suited for a position in management. What do they need to know? What skills do they need to have?

Let's start with a Letterman-like top ten list. Then I will list some key skills and abilities that help anyone be a better manager.

Top 10 Clues That You Are Management Material

  • 10. You like not doing anything
  • 9. You have no trouble telling others what to do
  • 8. Work fascinates you - you can sit and watch it for hours
  • 7. You like 'sweating the small stuff'
  • 6. You have always been something of a loner
  • 5. You don't think 'plan' is a four-letter word
  • 4. Your favorite cocktail is milk of magnesia
  • 3. On Halloween you dress up as Alex P. Keating
  • 2. Your favorite horror writer is Tom Peters

    And the number one clue you are management material -
  • You enjoy having people despise you just for doing your job.

Top 10 Lists are fun, but more help is available. See page two for my pointers on how to be a better manager.

Want to add to the list?
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