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Team Building Consultants


I recommend you develop your own team building exercises whenever possible. No outside consulting company knows your company culture as well as you do. However, if you choose to use outside consultants, many can be found on the Internet. I have never used any of these consultants, so I can't recommend them personally, but their web sites indicate that they understand the need and can provide the products and services you are looking for.

  • Simply Speaking, Inc.
    I like the description of their Building Positively Stellar Teams program because it gets everyone on their feet. It's easier to get participation in an event that way than if people are seated.
  • Murder Mystery USA
    They have a separate section just for corporate events.
  • Eventus
    This is a UK firm. Click the "Events" button in the upper left for a list of their team building events.
  • The Lakeland Challenge
    Another UK offering with a variety of outdoor event possibilities. Note: this site has music that loads with the page, so you may want to hit your mute button before loading if you are in the office.

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