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Readers Respond: What Would You Ask Your CEO?

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From the article: Lunch with the CEO
A "Lunch With The CEO" program is a smart idea for the company, the CEO and the employees. The program and its benefits are described in the associated article "Lunch With The CEO". If you could ask one question of your CEO (or the CEO of any company) what would you ask? What would you want to know more about?


what management theories would you advics as being the most plausible for modern organisations that exist in the global and multicultural context?
—Guest simphiwe

Questions to ask CEOs

Where do you need to grow as a leader? (why I ask that question is because if I know where you need to grow at your level, that might be an aspirational goal for me).
—Guest Michael Kelly

Looking to the future....

Where do you think the most significant growth will occur in the company in the next few years? How do you expect to manage that? Will it have any impact on any other areas?
—Guest jacqui smith


How much profit have you made in the past 6 months?
—Guest Swarasva Sivayoganathansivapalasingumram


Are you passionate about what you do? Do you like what you do?
—Guest driggars

Nobody is perfect.

What decisions have you made in your career that you look back on feel where mistakes? What have you learned from them?
—Guest Angel

@ the time of recession

What are the first few steps you gonna take if were appointed as CEO at the time of recession to turn around the company (assuming that the company is under loss for the last two quarters)?
—Guest Maddy

Manager - Digital Marketing

What help can you provide me to close the deal and succeed in the business?
—Guest Kiran

Leadership skills

A leader must be equipped with a set of competences necessary to perform his/her role. Which one would you say is the most important ability a leader should have?
—Guest Arturo Ibarra

Starting the day

How do you start your ordinary day? How does it end? Do you still have enough time to sleep and take a rest?
—Guest Roy Ferolino

Labour Unrest

How would you respond if you( being head of org) know a fraction of employees are unhappy over pay scale/package at lower grade staff?

Business ethics-decisions

How will you handle the situations where you have to make decisions against business ethics?
—Guest Nandhini

Ask the CEO

Looking back at your appointment in this position, would you say someone else would have done better than you had you not been appointed. And in which area do you think the other would have by passed you?
—Guest Samuel

Future Growth

Where will the most significant growth occur in the company in the next few years? How can I become involved in that area?
—Guest Karen

It's all about you

What is the most important thing/product/development my office/directorate could deliver for you in the next year?
—Guest Bill

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