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Definition: A supervisor is the lowest, or most-junior, management position. It is usually a step above lead (Accounting Supervisor is senior to Lead Accounting Specialist), but below Manager.

A supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day performance of a small group. It may be a team, or a shift. The supervisor has experience in what the group does, but is not necessarily better at it than everyone he/she supervises. The supervisor's job is to guide the group toward its goals, see that all members of the team are productive, and resolve problems as they arise.

A supervisor generally does not have the power to hire or fire employees or to promote them. A supervisor usually recommends such action to the next level of management. The supervisor does, however, often have the authority to change the work roles of the members of the team, for instance deciding which individual will work at which station.

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Common Misspellings: superviser
The shift supervisor assigned operators to machines based on seniority with the company.

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