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Senior Manager


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Definition: Senior Manager is a title given in a large company with a perceived need for additional levels in its management structure. In a hierarchy, Senior Manager falls between Manager and General Manger. The Senior Manager, like all managers, is responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary.

Senior Managers may direct workers directly or they may direct several supervisors who direct the workers. The Senior Manager often supervises the largest or most important group in a company.

A Senior Manager may usually has the power to hire or fire employees or to promote them. The Senior Manager has the authority to change the work assignments of team members.

A Senior Manager's title reflects what he/she is responsible for. A Senior Accounting Manager supervises a major accounting function. The Senior Manager of Design Engineering may supervise engineers and support staff engaged in design of a company's flagship product or service. Regardless of title, a Senior Manager is responsible for planning, directing, monitoring and controlling the people and their work.

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Also Known As: Sr. Manager
The Senior Manager supervised the largest office in the company.
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