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Top 3 Leadership Books


Leadership is different than management. It entails visualizing the goal and effectively communicating that goal. It is the art of getting people to move together toward a goal they don't yet see. These three books, of all the books on the subject, best capture that unique idea.

1. One-Minute Manager

by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth H. Blanchard Originally published in 1986, the message of this book is universal and timeless. To get more out of life and more out of your people, this is the guidebook to read. Brief and to the point lessons in the day-to-day application of fundamental management principles.
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2. Executive Thinking: The Dream, The Vision, The Mission Achieved

Management Consultant Leslie Kossoff's second book invites Executives to dare to dream and challenges them to take the actions necessary to align their organizations with their dreams. Only in this way will their dreams be achieved. Executive thinking is why startups achieve so much so fast, yet are so unprepared for the growth that comes with success.

3. Leading Change

When an organization needs change, it needs leadership. In this book, John Kotter lays out his eight-step process to create the sense of urgency that will make the changes successful. Remember these eight simple steps the next time you are the one responsible for making change happen.
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