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My Annual Letter to Santa Claus


My Annual Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Well, it's been a tough year, but things could have been worse. We've gotten some good leads from existing clients, even if they don't have any business for us right now themselves. Sales have exceeded expenses so the bankers are happy.

As I look back on what we have been able to accomplish this year, I am really proud of what the employees have been able to achieve. I revised my "Wish List" a little this year to reflect that, so here is this year's "Wish List"

  • I wish more companies would recognize the value of their employees.
    I see so many companies that don't realize they would be out of business without their employees. If they could do everything themselves, they would still be a sole-proprietorship. They can't, so they need employees. Why spend all that money to find and hire the best employees, and then immediately set about demoralizing them?

    Why not show your employees you appreciate them? Don't just give them a Christmas party or a year end bonus. Instead, give them challenging work all year long. Give them honest feedback on how well they are doing that work. Treat them like real people.

  • It sure would be nice if employees could look at their jobs as a way to help their company and not just a source of a paycheck.
    If employees could look at their work through the company's eyes, they might see that the company needs more from them than just showing up on time. If the company is to survive and prosper, it has to make a profit. It won't be able to do that without the whole-hearted support of its employees.

    Employees need to look at how they can increase the company's sales or decrease its costs. Is there a better or faster way to do part of their job? Can they do one step differently to make it easier for the people who have to do the next step? Would it hurt that much to trust the boss and try something new?

  • And finally, I sure wish both companies and their employees could figure out how much they need their customers.
    Without customers, a business has no reason to exist and it won't last long. Companies, and their employees, need to make "customer satisfaction" more than just an expression. We all know how much more expensive it is to get a new customer than it is to hold on to an existing customer, but that is not always reflected in how we treat them.

    Don't benchmark your "customer's wait time on hold" against your industry average, benchmark it against how you would feel if that was you on hold. Figure out ways to make it easier for your customer to shop, to buy, to get service, and to resolve problems. Keep customers happy and you will keep them.

Thanks, Santa.

John --

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