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Employee Motivation

One of a manager's most important tasks is motivating their people. These resources will help you understand what makes your people tick, how different they all are, and what you need to do to motivate each of them to peak performance.

Management Tips for Motivation
Ten quick tips on motivation that will help you become a better manager.

How Do I Motivate Employees?
One of the most basic skills a manager must master is people management. In the end, all management is people management. Managers must know how to motivate their employees. The articles below answer the question how do I motivate employees.

Dealing With Difficult Employees
Dealing With Difficult Employees helps managers prepare a plan, confront the behavior, and find a solution to the inappropriate behavior of difficult employees.

Employee Retention Tips
Employee Retention - Tips to increase employee retention

Employee Retention Tips From Readers
Employee retention tips - readers supply their favorite tips for increasing eemployee retention.

The Lesson of the Red Horse
The Lesson of the Red Horse stresses the importance of employee motivation and its effect on performance, from your About.com Guide to Management.

Larry Doesn't Work Here Anymore
For employee retention employee motivation is key, like putting the person in the right job.

Dissatisfaction Causes Change
You can use dissatisfaction to start changes within your organization. Whether you need to improve performance of the team, motivate a few slackers, or inspire interest in an unpopular decision from upper management, dissatisfaction can help you get it done. This article tells you how.

Management By Attendance
Stop using outmoded management techniques like Attendance Management that demotivate your team. Become a better people manager by using performance management and motivation instead.

The Scrap Paper Test
You need your employees to be engaged not just showing up for work if your business is going to succeed. Here is a way to measure the level of employee engagement and how to fix it if you need to.

Lunch with the CEO
Few CEOs do enough to maintain good relations with one important group of stakeholders, their employees. Lunch with the CEO is one way to correct that.

The Coffee Cup As a Management Tool
The best management tool may be a coffee cup. It gives you an opportunity to sit with someone and listen to them and learn. That kind of a conversation can be powerful employee motivation.

Lunch and Learn, A Program To Help Employees Grow
Lunch and Learn, A Program To Help Employees Grow explains what a lunch and learn program is and how to set one up so the company and the employees both benefit from it.

Passion Pays
There is an old adage that you should "do what you love", but your passion for what you do can pay off in many ways. Read Passion Pays for tips on how to get more done at work and enjoy it more, even if your job isn't the most important thing in your life.

How To Give Positive Feedback
Don't ever underestimate the power of positive feedback. We are quick to point out to someone when they make a mistake. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge them when they do something right. Giving positive feedback can be a powerful tool for employee motivation. Here's how to use it most effectively.

How To give negative feedback properly
When you need to give negative feedback, here are the things to remember.

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes
You don't have to go undercover. To learn what your employees do, just ask them. What you learn from how they do their jobs can help you be a better manager.

Birthdays with Bob
Birthdays with Bob is one way to improve the communications between managers and there employees. It's simple, quick and easy to implement, and not very expensive.

The Right People in the Wrong Jobs
The Right People in the Wrong Jobs - how you can make your people, and yourself, more productive and happier at the same time, from John Reh, your About.com Guide to Management

My Annual Letter to Santa Claus
My Annual Letter to Santa Claus is one manager's wish list to Santa for the things to improve business, from John Reh, your About Management Guide

What Professional Baseball Can Teach Professional Managers
What Professional Baseball Can Teach Professional Managers - examines the similarities between coaching a successful baseball team and managing a successful business, from your About.com Guide to Management

Motivation Magic
Motivation Magic. The secret to motivation magic is to respect employees as individuals and as adults.

Managing New Employees
There are several things you can do to get new employees productive quickly. It is in your best interest as a manager to do so. Here's how to get them producing faster.

Employee Turnover
Employee Turnover - What Is Turnover, How Do You Calculate It, What Can You Do About It - These And More Answers To Your Turnover Question Are Here.

No Dead Rats
"No Dead Rats" is a way to train your employees, develop their skills, increase your ability to delegate, and make more time for your own job.

10 Ways to Motivate Your Employees
Here are 10 ways for managers to create a workplace environment where employees will feel motivated to do their best.

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