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The most critical skill a manager needs is the ability to communicate well. Use the resources below to learn how to communicate better.

Improving Your Communication Skills At Work
Interested in improving your communications skills? Here are the tips and tricks that will help you improve your communication skills and ability at work.

Even if you don't like office politics, it is a fundamental part of business. Rather than fight it, work to develop your networking skills as an alternative.

Questions For The CEO and What Questions To Ask the CEO
A "Lunch With The CEO" program is good for the CEO, the company, and the employees. Read what questions others would ask and add your own question for the CEO.

Getting Your Point Across
Tailor your message to your audience to improve their comprehension. Don't worry so much about what you want to say as about what you want them to hear and understand.

The Coffee Cup As a Management Tool
The best management tool may be a coffee cup. It gives you an opportunity to sit with someone and listen to them and learn. That kind of a conversation can be powerful employee motivation.

Get Your Boss To Agree
The article How To Get Your Boss To Agree outlines simple steps that you can use to get your boss or others to agree to what you ask for and what you want to happen.

How To Speak In Public To A Group
Some people are terrified to speak in public or in front of a group. These simple steps can help you do better at it, even if you don't like it.

Shut Up And Lead
Shut Up And Lead reminds managers to keep their personal problems out of the office and explains what you can and shouldn't discuss with your team.

Listen To What They Are Not Saying
It's not enough to hear what employees say, you have to Listen To What They Are Not Saying if you want to be successful. Here are tips on why it's important and how to do it well.

Business Email Is Not A Teenage Chat Room
Businesses waste too much time and money due to confusing emails. Treat business email as you would any other business communication. Make it clear and to the point. Don't let it sound like a teenage chat room.

Writing for Business
Writing, whether for business or any other purpose, has certain rules for success. To write effectively follow these rules.

Giving Positive Feedback
Don't ever underestimate the power of positive feedback. We are quick to point out to someone when they make a mistake. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge them when they do something right.

Giving Negative Feedback Properly
"Jane, you ignorant slut. No one who heard Dan Ackroyd say that on Saturday Night Live had any doubt that he was about to strongly disagree with whatever Jane Curtin had just said. Thats not the way to give negative feedback. Try this instead.

The Lesson of the Red Horse.
  The key to performance is employee motivation.

Are Your Top People Ready To Leave You?
How to tell whether your top people are ready to leave, and what you can do about it. From Your About.com Guide to Management.

Project Management Communications - Creating A Foundation For Project...
Project Management Communications - Creating A Foundation For Project Communication

Buzzword Bingo
Don't hide your message behind the ambiguity of buzzwords. Say what you want to say plainly and direct.

What Are Your Least Favorite Buzzwords?
Readers respond with their least favorite buzzwords in business.

Do your employees trust you?
  A recent survey suggests they probably do not. Does that matter? And how do you find out?

Preventing Workplace Violence
No workplace is immune to workplace violence as the string of recent killings have pointed out. Here are specific steps you can, and should, take to make your office a less likely target. An article from About Management site Guide John Reh.

Talent Obsession Weekly
Executive coach Beth Armknecht Miller describes how to build continuous learning into weekly meetings.

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