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How To Shine At The Office Holiday Party


There is a lot of advice available on how to survive the office holiday party. Here are the 10 steps to turn it to your advantage and really shine.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 120 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Plan. Plan to attend; plan to enjoy yourself; and plan what you want to accomplish at the party.
  2. Check. Make sure you know where the party will be, what the appropriate attire is, whether spouses/guests are invited, etc.
  3. Arrive shortly after the event starts. Everyone is still fresh and alert.
  4. Seek out the host (usually the boss or CEO) and thank them for putting on the event. Make a little small talk, then move on so others can do the same.
  5. Mingle. Introduce yourself to someone you don't know. Tell your coworkers how much you have enjoyed their support the past year.
  6. If you want to, sample a few items from the buffet. Be sure to select things you can eat neatly, with one hand, while standing up.
  7. Watch what you drink. Keep reminding yourself that this is a business event first and a party second. If you normally drink rum and coke, consider skipping the rum. No one else will know.
  8. Seek out and speak to the people at the party who can influence your career. Talk to the VP or company officer you normally would not meet. Chat briefly with them about their interests or anything you have in common.
  9. As you leave, thank your host and tell them what a good time you had. If you know the people on the party committee, thank them too.
  10. Followup. If you told someone you would get a copy of something to them, or give them the phone number of a specific person, etc. make sure you followup on the next business day and deliver on those promises.


  1. Not the mingling type? Then find someone who looks as miserable as you feel and speak to them. You'll both enjoy the evening more.
  2. Stay away from salty or greasy foods that make you want to drink more. Choose foods high in starch and protein that will help slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream.
  3. Keep your glass in your left hand so when you shake hands with someone, your hand isn't wet or cold.
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