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How To Build an Org Chart


Here's a quick guideline on how to draw an org chart for your department. You can easily expand it out for an entire company.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Start with yourself.
  2. Draw a box and enter your name, your title and your department.
  3. Draw a box above yours for you direct supervisor. Enter name, title, and department.
  4. Draw a row of boxes below yours for all the people who report to you. Enter name and title for all of them.
  5. Draw a solid vertical line from the top of your box to the bottom of your boss's box.
  6. Draw a horizontal line between your box and those of the people who report to you.
  7. Draw a vertical line from the bottom of your box to the horizontal line.
  8. Draw a vertical line from the top of each of your subordinate's box up to the horizontal line.
  9. If you wish, draw similar boxes and line for any people who report to your subordinates.


  1. You can draw it on paper, or using an org chart software like Visio or OrgPlus, or using any drawing software.
  2. Boxes are usually drawn bigger for higher-ups, same size for peers, smaller for subordinates.
  3. If you have an opening in your organization, draw a box for that person. Show their name as TBH (to be hired) or TBD (to be determined) and the title for that position.
  4. For people who report to you for direction, but report to someone else primarily, use a dashed line rather than a solid line to connect their box to yours.

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