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Strategic Planning and Corporate Vision

An About Industry and Business Special


Strategic Planning

A Manager's Annual Plan
A multi-part, chronological series on how to analyze and improve your organization, this feature looks at goals and goal setting, matching people to the tasks, communicating mission statements, and leadership.

Stepping Backward is Okay
Sometimes even the best ideas don't work. What is important how you deal with it. You can continue to "pour good money after bad" and keep trying to fix the program. Or you can bite the bullet and acknowledge that it didn't work. That's the smart thing to do.

Properly Placing the Blame
If the unthinkable actually happens to your company, you should have something more professional to fall back on than blaming someone else.

Strategic Planning Resources
The field of strategic planning and performance measurement is an outgrowth of the desire of managers, stakeholders and stockholders for direction and accountability. Human Resources Guide Susan Heathfield says these sites bring excellent resources to the strategic planning effort.

Job Search Strategy
Strategic Planning is as important to your career as it is to your company. Career Planning Guide Dawn Rosenberg McKay says "before you send out your resume and practice for interviews, find out how to plan a successful campaign so you can land the job you want in the most efficient way possible."

Corporate Vision

Dare To Dream
Leslie Kossoff, author of "Executive Thinking: The Dream, The Vision, The Mission Achieved" points out the importance of following your dream when setting the company vision.

Writing A Mission Statement
A good mission statement provides strategic vision and direction for the organization. Here's how to write one in 12 clear steps.

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